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VideoForAll is in the ARTES Community of Practice platform.

ARTES “Art as a vehicle for Education and Social inclusion” is a project co-funded by the European Commission to answer the need to create a trans-sectoral platform for the exchange of training methodologies/approaches that use the arts for education and social inclusion, developed in previous projects. The exchange leads towards the multiplication and mainstreaming of the validated results and products of the projects.

ARTES users are mainly  from communities, schools, social centres, associations, artistic and academic circles and will include art operators, artists, trainers, teachers, educators, social workers, students and all those with an interest in using  the arts for education and social inclusion.

Artists are very much involved in the discussion… In the last decades, partly due to revealing scientific research, the role of the arts widened towards new applications far beyond their entertainment function.

The artists’ role is expanding likewise into new, fascinating territories and is increasingly linked to social work.

On ARTES you can find methodologies and practices used in European Union funded projects, news, ideas, tips, techniques, insights and visions of art practitioners, artists, social operators and educators from across Europe and beyond.

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Video for All Live!

This online conference was hosted by Russell Stannard and the University of Warwick on 13th October 2015.

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Bilbao meeting

Fifth partnership meeting in Bilbao – ES

27/28 September 2015



Video for All outcomes were shared as part of Global Collaboration Day on 17th September 2015. The resources and recording are available here. 

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International Conference and Workshop in Sofia – BG

“Digital Video as a basic tool for language learning”

28 February 2015


V4A Programme Sofia



Fourth  partnership meeting in Sofia – BG

26/27 February 2015



Third partnership meeting in Perugia – IT

29/30 September 2014




Second partnership meeting in Brno – CZ

11/12 April 2014




kick-off  meeting in London – UK

11/12 January 2014