The project will make a complete set of resources, best practices and examples that will enable educators to use video as a basic tool for all language learning. These will be piloted in language teaching across Europe before final release (see how to get involved ).

The resources will include:

A repository of video in language education, now ready here:

  • Academic studies
  • Case studies
  • Past EU projects
  • Evaluation of Internet tools for video making and language teaching

Templates and ‘How to Video’ of each language video practice:

  • For pre and primary schools
  • Secondary schools
  • Adults language learners

Template and ‘How to Video’ each video practice

  • A1 & A2
  • B1 & B2
  • C1 & C2

Teacher guides (introduction, Index by level, age, other parameters)

Autonomous Self-access Course – using video

Video for ALL In-Service Training Course

Video for ALL Online and Offline Workshops

All the resources will be available through this website, as they are ready and have been tested.