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Language/s English
Author(s) Daly, Avian
Title Video recording technology: an investigation of students’ perceptions  of the use of video recording technology in developing speaking skills and independent learning.
Date 2012
Description  MA Dissertation. This study describes students’ perceptions toward their speaking skills, independent learning and video recording technology and assesses the potential value of video recording tasks in developing and promoting independent learning. Twenty-three female students attending a prestigious, high school in northern. The findings suggest that the participants are not very confident in their French-speaking ability. While they are willing to engage in independent learning, they prefer a more teacher-centered pedagogy. Additionally, although video recording is favorably perceived, especially when used to provide feedback, participants are uncertain of its value in improving their OP (oral proficiency). While more longitudinal research is necessary, these findings imply that, in the area of OP, language instructors can potentially build on their learners’ willingness to engage in independent learning through the use of video recording tools
Format  Pdf
Key words Video recording, oral proficiency, independent learning, autonomy, video-recording tools
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Other interesting information Includes interesting quotes from learners
Interest for the project  4 A good study that details how language learners respond to video recording technology. It shows how such video use encourages autonomy.
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