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Милен Шипчанов (Milen Shipchanov)

Title Видеото в ранното чуждоезиково обучение  (Using video with young learners)
Date 2004
Full reference Шипчанов, М. (2004) „Видеото в ранното чуждоезиково обучение“, вСборник  “Език, литература, култура”, Годишникнадепартамент “Чужди езици и литератури“ ,София: НБУ

Chipchanov, M. (2004) “Using video with young learners”, in Yearly publications of the Modern Languages and Literature Studies Department, Sofia:New Bulgarian University

Abstract Some techniques for using computers and video with young learners.
Key words Video, young learners
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Interest for the project  4