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Милен Шипчанов (Milen Shipchanov)

Title “Филмовиятпреводиподготовкатанапреводачи”  (Film translation and Training Film Translators)
Date 2009
Full reference Шипчанов, М. (2009) “Филмовиятпревод и подготовкатанапреводачи”,вГодишникнадепартамент”Чуждиезици и литератури” , София:  НБУChipchanov, M. (2009) “Film translation and Training Film Translators”, in Yearlypublications of the Modern Languages and LiteratureStudiesDepartment, Sofia:NewBulgarianUniversity

Also available online at:http://ebox.nbu.bg/cel/stud04.htmlhttp://ebox.nbu.bg/cel/stud04.html

Abstract The article introduces various types of film translation, discusses common mistakes in the process of film translation and suggests techniques for training film translators. The article deals with software for films subtitling and uses video clips as examples.
Key words

Film, translation, subtitles, video

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