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Хаджикотева, Милка (Milka Hadzhikoteva)

Title Мултимедийните продукти в обучението по чужд език : Прагматико-семиотични аспекти (Multimedia Software in Foreign Language Teaching Some Pragmatic and Semiotic Reflections)
Date 2004
Full reference Хаджикотева, М. (2005). Мултимедийнитепродукти в обучениетопочуждезик : Прагматико-семиотичниаспекти, in: Език, литература, култура : ГодишникнаДепартамент “Чуждиезици и литератури”, София:Новбългарскиуниверситет, ДепартаментПриложналингвистика, , pp. 184-189. ISBN 9545353806

(Hadzhikoteva, M.  (2005) “Multimedia Software in Foreign Language Teaching Some Pragmatic and Semiotic Reflections”, in Language, literature, culture: Yearly book of publications of the Foreign Language and Literatures Department, Sofia: NBU)

Abstract An overview of some of the major pragmatic and semiotic tenets enlightens the process of communication in a foreign language. The acquisition of pragmalinguistic and sociopragmatic competences is related to signs’ transitions from icons to culturally-specific symbols which is evident in the process of application of certain strategies adapted to the needs of a specific communicative act. Modelling a virtual reality, multimedia software products emulate real-life situations, highlighting various pragmatic aspects to be perceived in relation to semiotics via an efficient use of the presented signs in their respective sign systems
Key words Signs, culture specific symbols, multimedia software, language education
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