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Author Robert Godwin-Jones
Title Emerging technologies digital video revisited: storytelling, conferencing, remixing
Date 2012
Full reference Godwin-Jones, R. 2012. ‘Emerging technologies digital video revisited: storytelling, conferencing, remixing.’ Language Learning and Technology.16/1: 1-9
Abstract TThis is an update on a previous article. It makes the point that since 2007, there have been major changes in options for video capture, editing, and delivery. One of the most significant has been the rise in popularity of video-based storytelling, enabled largely by innovations in video production and distribution. Another major shift has been the greater array of options for capturing video on inexpensive camcorders, built-in webcams, and, especially, mobile phones. This has in turn enabled new possibilities for video conferencing. Finally, the greater availability of video-capable devices and options for video sharing has led to an ever increasing presence of video alongside text and images in all manner of Internet-based publishing.
Key words Video-capture, video-editing, video-conferencing
Other interesting information  Has an excellent resources list on pages 7-8. It covers software suggestions for digital storytelling and video annotation
Interest for the project  5