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Language/s English
Author Ng Choo Tinga
Title Classroom video project: an investigation on students’ perception
Date 2013
Full reference Ting, Ng Choo  (2013) Classroom video project: an investigation on students’ perception Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences 90( 2013 ) 441 – 448
Abstract This paper is a preliminary research to understand students’ perception on the implementation of video projects into the English language classroom. Data was contributed by thirty-five foundation students from a private university in Selangor. During the beginning of the semester, the participants were assigned to create a short, teenage-themed video clip with the students themselves as the principal actors. Window Movie Maker was used to edit the raw video shot using camcorders. Upon completion of the video project, the students submitted a reflection journal entry to the blog–The English Learning Voyage. These responses were analyzed qualitatively and categorized into four themes: 1) Implementation of the video project; 2) Obstacles faced during the production; 3)Level of satisfaction upon completion of the video; 4) Elements that led to the success of the video project; and 5) Relevance of video project to language learning.
Key words Video-production, video-project, reflective journal
Other interesting information  Paper developed from a presentation at The International Conference on University Learning and Teaching (InCULT 2012). This a recent paper that talks about technical issues (e.g. use of Movie-Maker) but also analyses students response from a reflective practice point of view.
Interest for the project  4