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Language/s English
Author Jauregi et al.
Title Native/non native speaker interactions through video-web communication: a clue for enhancing motivation?
Date 2012
Full reference Jauregi, K. , Graaff, R. , Van den Bergh, H. Kriz, M. (2012) “Native/non-native speaker interactions through video-web communication: a clue for enhancing motivation?”, Computer Assisted Language Learning, 25:1, 1-19,
Abstract One of the main objectives of the European Networked Interaction in Foreign Language Acquisition and Research (NIFLAR) project is to make foreign language learning and teaching processes more relevant and rewarding for reaching intercultural communicative competence. This is realized by offering foreign language learners and pre-service teachers opportunities to engage in meaningful interaction with each other through video-web communication (VC), according to the requirements set by relevant interaction tasks. In this article, we present the actions taken in the project to enhance students’ motivation and the effect VC sessions have on motivation, as measured by pre-, mid-, and post-questionnaires participants filled in prior and after virtual interaction sessions. Significant effects were found particularly for beginner level students on those dimensions measuring aspects related to willingness to interact with native speakers.
Key words motivation; willingness to communicate; synchronous computer mediated communication; video-web communication
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