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Author Cheng,G., Chau,J.
Title Digital video for fostering self‐reflection in an ePortfolio environment
Date 2009
Full reference Cheng, G. , Chau, J. (2009) Digital video for fostering self‐reflection in an ePortfolio environment, Learning, Media and Technology, 34:4, 337-350, DOI: 10.1080/17439880903338614.
Abstract The ability to self-reflect is widely recognized as a desirable learner attribute that can induce deep learning. Advances in computer-mediated communication technologies have led to intense interest in higher education in exploring the potential of digital tools, particularly digital video, for fostering self-reflection. While there are reports pointing to the salutary effects of digital video on learners’ reflective ability, a systematic inquiry into how digital video can be utilized to promote self-reflection in an ePortfolio context remains under-reported. In this paper, we pose two questions: (1) Do students have the confidence to create their own digital videos for reflection and do they find this activity relevant to their learning needs?; and (2) To what extent does digital video affect the level of self reflection and the nature of peer feedback? Results from this small-scale exploratory case study provide evidence in support of video use as a reflective tool in an ePortfolio context and highlight the need for considering pedagogical and technological.
Key words digital video; reflection; peer feedback; ePortfolio
Other interesting information  Relevance to assessment considerations, video as a means to improve ipsative assessment. Potential for further research in this area for teacher training.
Interest for the project  5