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Language/s English
Author Ryu Kitajima, Mary Ann Lyman-Hager
Title Theory-Driven Use of Digital Video in Foreign Language Instruction
Date 1998
Full reference Kitajima,R., Lyman-Hager, M., (1998). Theory-Driven Use of Digital Video in Foreign Language Instruction., Calicovol 16, no.1.
Abstract This article describes several theoretical bases for using context-dependent authentic video in foreign language instruction. The advantages of using digital video clips organized by communicative functions and linguistic features would enable learners to view raw linguistic data within the context-rich script of the video material. Software templates designed to manipulate discrete portions of digital video offer considerable promise as the most efficient way to display these video clips to learners.
Key words Digital Video, Language Acquisition Theories, Cultural Understanding, Communicative Strategies, Information Processing, Authoring Templates
Other interesting information  Interesting investigation into Japanese video use, documents changes in theory and importance of strategy use for comprehension.
Interest for the project  4