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Author Mark Wong, Manuel Noronha & Vivian Chaplin
Title The Use of New Media Technological Aids in the Language Classroom: Video and Internet.
Date 2008
Full reference Hayati, A., & Mohmedi, F. (2011). The Effect of Films with and without Subtitles on Listening Comprehension of EFL Learners. British Journal of Educational Technology, 42, 1, 181-192.
Abstract Language teaching effectiveness can be greatly enhanced with the inclusion and appropriate application of various new media technological aids: video and internet. These versatile teaching tools can provide an important visual and audio stimulus for students who encounter difficulties with language usage and practice, especially inside the classroom. Language instructors can also exercise a greater impact on their teaching methods. They may play one or several short video clips, which may subsequently prompt for further follow-up discussions. Here, the students will be exposed to new forms of vocabulary, pronunciations, and speech patterns. Apart from listening solely to their instructors, students will also have greater exposure to other varieties of spoken English as well.
Key words New media, video, language classroom, technological aids
Other interesting information  The use of new media technological aids in the language classroom video and internet.pdf
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