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Author Peter Mattisen
Title Video Feedback in Higher Education – A Contribution to Improving the Quality of Written Feedback
Date 2012
Full reference Mattisen, P. Video Feedback in Higher Education- A contribution to improving the quality of written feedback. Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy, Feb, 2012.
Abstract The purpose of this article is to promote the significance of feedback regarding students’ working with written texts in higher education and to point out how technology can develop the quality and form of teachers’ feedback. The results of studies and tests completed in eight separate subject areas demonstrate that video feedback simplifies and increases the efficiency of responding to students’ work, as it allows the opportunity to achieve increased levels of precision and quality in the feedback process. Students emphasize their learning dividend and the inspiration they experience from working with this format. They actively use their teacher’s comments and acquire a stronger emotional bond with him/her as well.
Key words Video feedback, screen capture, feedback, higher education
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