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Project coordinator & partners Data Research and Development Center drdc-info@norc.uchicago.edu
Duration December, 2005 –
Description Much of DRDC’s research agenda was directed to advancing the theory and practice of taking exemplary interventions to scale. In terms of the theory of scale-up, topics addressed by DRDC investigators, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate research assistants included refining conceptualizations of scale-up in education, understanding the impacts of context on efforts to scale-up, and estimating causal effects in education using large-scale datasets. DRDC investigators also focused on methods to study scale-up empirically such as designing better experiments for measuring scale-up, and understanding the variance structure of academic achievement in America.
Key words Research, video, analyzing data
Website Website
Other interesting information   From its inception, DRDC was designed as both a technical support and a research center. The research DRDC conducted was designed not only to fulfill the objectives of the IERI program, but also to help establish the legitimacy and authenticity of the Center and its activities within the IERI community. 
Interest for the project  5