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EVA – A Video Learning Environment

Project coordinator & partners Wai Yat Wong: Lead investigator
Peter Reimann
Peter Goodyear
Lina Markauskaite
Hui Zhong Shen
Donna O’Connor
Wayne Cotton
Vilma Fyfe
Pauline Howie
Anthony Loughland
Heman Chan: Software engineer
Ken Yap: Software engineer
Daniel Jing Yu Zhang: Software engineer
Pius Jeon: Software engineer
Description EVA is an innovative research-based technology that provides an online environment for video-based learning and teaching. Designed for education, it includes support for scaffolding, collaboration, reflection, feedback, annotation, quick video navigation, and asynchronous and synchronous learning.

EVA stands for Educational Video with Analysis,Annotation & Assessment.

Key words Video-based learning and teaching, Video in eResearch, video annotation, online learning, educational technology, Learning technologies, new media
Website Website
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Interest for the project  5