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Language/s Czech
Author Mgr. Simona Šebestová, Ph.D.
Title Opportunities to develop language skills in English classes: a video study
Date 2011
Summary The dissertation thesis deals with the topic language skills in Czech lower-secondary English classes. The research is a part of CPV Video Study employing a video-based methodology which is used to carry out observational analyses of the processes of teaching and learning in various school subjects. We focused on the communicative approach as the leading approach in foreign language education and the communicative competence as the goal of foreign language education. The question is whether and to what extent the goals of foreign language education are reflected in English classes in the CzechRepublic. The general purpose of the research was to explore the quantity of opportunities which pupils have to develop language skills.
Key words Target language, video study, communicative competences, mother tongue, system of categories
Other interesting information  Opportunities to develop language skills in English classes
Interest for the project  4