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Language/s English
Author Steaffens, Jessica J.
Title The CREW project: Teaching digital video storytelling to teens in the inner city
Date 2012
Summary The main goal of The CREW Project was to empower youth to effectively tell stories from their lives and their community through the production of two video storytelling projects by youth in Santa Ana. The two stories told by the videos were representative of two common themes experienced in this community, namely teenage pregnancy and poverty, and were based on the brainstorming ideas of the youth. Each participant offered story ideas and the group determined which ideas were going to be made into the two mini-documentaries. Both stories of teenage pregnancy and economic hardship were central issues familiar to the six youth participants and the general population of Santa Ana. The youth grew in their personal confidence and technical capabilities as they told these narratives through the medium of digital video. The videos were distributed at a community screening event, in local schools, and were made available online at http://www.vimeo.com/groups/crew.
Key words digital video, storytelling, narrative
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