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Language/s English
Author David Gardner, University of HK
Title Evaluating user interaction with interactive video : Users’ perceptions of self access language learning with MultiMedia Movies.
Date 2002
Summary TThis study uses a qualitative approach to investigate the potential of interactive video to enhance the self-access use of full-length movies for foreign language learning. The study investigates learners’ perceptions of three versions of a program (MultiMedia Movies) written to combine language learning material with a movie. Learners’ perceptions are particularly important in self-access learning because they contribute to learners’ evaluations of self-access materials and this influences the degree to which such materials are used.  The findings are probably also applicable to other learners of foreign languages at an intermediate level or above. The study shows learners perceive that MultiMedia Movies enhance their learning experience with movies because the programs are enjoyable and beneficial. Key findings are that learners want language learning materials to accompany their movie watching and they want control. However, for some the poor exercise of control led to poor use of materials, frustration and disorientation.
Key words Interactive video
Other interesting information  Although interactive video has been largely superseded by other forms of multimedia the findings remain relevant for software with similar content and goals.
Interest for the project  4