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Language/s English, Czech, Italian, German, Turkish
Title PopuLLar – Motivating secondary school students to learn languages through their music  Project No. 518346-LLP-1-2011-1-UK-COMENIUS-CMP
Project coordinator & partners Mosaic (UK), Çukurova University (TR), Language School Pelikan (CZ), Kindersite (UK), Universidad de Valladolid (ES), Kulturring in Berlin (DE), Opera Bazar (IT)
Duration Jan 2012 – Dec 2013
Description PopuLLar is designed to harness music, the primary social interest of secondary school students, in to their language learning. There is a huge need to motivate secondary school students, in particular, to learn languages, focus digital competencies and be creative; and music is the key.The project asks students to write their own lyrics to songs of their choice. They then translate their songs in to the target language they are learning, The students then record their song (audio or video) and share it with students all over Europe.
Key words Languages, music,learning, video, singing, recording
Link/s  Website
YouTube Playlist
Students step by step guide
Other interesting information This is a very successful and continuing project with schools across Europe and the world taking part.
Interest for the project  5