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Language/s English, German, Spanish
Title Speech Bubbles 109694-CP-1-2003-1-DE-LINGUA-L1PP
Project coordinator & partners Armin Hottmann, Kulturring in Berlin e.V. DE

Monica Andersson, Orsa kommuns Skolor SE, Javier Coco, CFIE Segovia ES

Duration 2003-2007
Description The project ‘Speech Bubbles’ wishes to awaken and develop interest in the languages of Europe through the medium of television. Children will present a series of short programmes introducing and investigating the characteristics and history of languages.

A core team of media educators from Germany, Spain and Sweden will produce the material with help from France, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Greece and Italy. ‘Speech Bubbles’ would like to address mainly the children themselves – to show them the benefits of language learning, to motivate them to engage with other European languages and to understand the cultural implications linked to language. Additional target groups will include a general television audience and educators involved in language learning on all age levels.

Key words digital video, languages, video education, media education, creativity, multilingualism, primary school
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