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Language/s English, French, Spanish, Polish, Italian, Dutch, German
Title Intent project  NL/07/LLP-LdV/TOI/123010
Project coordinator & partners Partners
Duration 3 years
Description The Erasmus Multilateral Project INTENT (Integrating Telecollaborative Networks into Foreign Language Higher Education) aims to raise greater awareness among students, educators and decision makers of telecollaboration as a tool for virtual mobility in FL education at the Higher Education (university) level and also on achieving more effective integration of telecollaboration in Higher Education Institutions.
Key words telecollaboration, video conferencing, online intercultural exchange, computer-mediated communication
Link/s  Website
Other interesting information Conference proceedings and position paper will be useful to inform development of Video for All, video conferencing and training materials for cmc tools produced, some available through website
Interest for the project  5