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Language/s English
Author Michael Dal
Title Digital video production and task based language learning
Date December 2010
Description Digital video production and task based language learning The purpose of this article is to discuss how new digital video technology can be integrated in foreign language learning today. New forms of literacies have emerged through the impact of new technology, and one of the main challenges for schoolwork today is to offer students new learning opportunities to help them to develop twenty-first-century skills. Today, digital (video) technology makes it easier to let students work with their own video productions, which has immediate implications for classroom practices, as students feel the need to learn with technology in a context in which the construction of content, media, and language knowledge becomes more meaningful. At the end of the article there is a discussion on how digital video streaming can be activated and integrated into foreign language learning within the framework of task based language learning.
Key words Video Foreign Language Classroom
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