1.12 Academic literature: books

Language/s English
Author Gary Motteram
Title Innovations in learning technologies for English Language Teaching
Date 2013
Full reference Motteram, G. (2013). Innovations in learning technologies for English Language Teaching.  London: The British Council
Summary Has excellent range of studies – many of which touch on video. Has papers from well known writers including Russell Stannard and Graham Stanley. The volume provides a systematic and comprehensive overview of the current use of technologies to support English teaching and learning. Systematic in the sense that each chapter looks at a key segment of the ELT market – young learners, adults, English for specific purposes, English for academic purposes, assessment and teacher training and provides a view on the current state of technological intervention. Comprehensive because the view is a wide one, supported by numerous case studies which serve to keep the volume grounded in the realities of practising teachers using technologies in innovative and exciting ways. This volume is of practical interest to teachers and researchers in search of teaching ideas and examples of good practice, and provide food for thought for policy makers and school administrators studying the potential of learning technologies in transforming the ELT sector.
Key words Education, video, study groups
Other interesting information  Available as a free download via British Council here 
Interest for the project  4