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Language/s English
Author Donna Brinton; William Gaskill
Title Using News Broadcasts in the ESL/EFL Classroom. 
Date 1978
Full reference Brinton, D., & Gaskill, W. (1978). Using News Broadcasts in the ESL/EFL Classroom.Tesol Quarterly,12,4, 403-413
Abstract This presentation reports on the independent experiences of an EFL instructor in Germany and an ESL instructor in the States using TV and radio broadcasts in the classroom. The videotaped broadcasts consisted of BBC’s “News of the Week,” a weekly in-depth broadcast; those used for the audio presentation were two-minute news capsules from station KFWB in Los Angeles. Particular emphasis was placed on various techniques to adapt the taped broadcasts for the classroom and on various types of materials used to complement an audio or video-taped presentation. Discussion centers on the use of simple short-answer questions, true-false questions, short essay questions, and cloze passages to assure student comprehension of the broadcast. A further phenomenon explored is the degree of vocabulary recycling noted by both instructors during their in-class use of news broadcasts. The instructors present their findings on the positive aspects of the presentations, including improved student comprehension of broadcasts, increased interest on their part in issues, and better understanding of the government and institutions of the target culture.
Key words EFL, ESL, news, classroom, education materials
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