CEFR for self assessment


In this video on CEFR, Claudia introduces you some useful online tools, related to the CEFR but aiming at different purposes. One aims tool aims at speaking assessment, the other one aims at intercultural assessment. Claudia introduces WebCEF which makes use of videos of learners to assess their spoken output.




Promoting autonomy with CEFR portfolios

This video on CEFR looks at learning portfolios and self-assessment tools. The key theme here is developing student autonomy. The ELP (European Language Portfolio) is a tool for self-assessment. The video shows tempates and assesses your on-line options. In essence, the ELP is a tool owned by learners to document their language learning experiences and to plan and monitor their progress.


European Language Portfolio


Introduction to the CEFR

The first video on CEFR explains the aims and origins of the Common European Framework of reference. This video will be useful for users of Video for All. The CEFR is mainly aimed at language practioners and is helpful in thinking about learner’s needs. This video provides key on-line resources.


CEFR homepage by Council of Europe


CEFR pdf document